Imaginary Rabbits

I’m an admirer
But she doesn’t know it,
A casual subterfuge
Be careful, don’t show it,
Because tongues would be wagging
Right here, in gossip town,
Attention to a young lady?
Lordy, the old Ladies would frown.

How does one go about
Being a friend, you know, platonic?
Older guy – younger chick
It’s virtually oxy-moronic,
A few will be thinking
Something is shady,
Me? I look distracted
Even though, I’m tachy-brady.

Well, one must carefully
Maintain the subtle subterfuge,
Just to be close to her
The implications are huge,
It can be difficult to maintain
The landscape, from my point of view,
Yet, as a Master of all things tricky
It’s easy enough to do.

Just keep everything casual
At break-time, have simple conversations,
Pay attention, but not too closely
After all, you have no reservations,
No exclusive engagement
Because this is sleight of hand,
Pretend we are all clueless
Out here in confessional land.

Yes, imaginary liaisons
Are a pleasure, I conjure,
Some are easy and playful
And other’s, not so pure.
But that’s the magic of the mind
All sorts of rabbits in my hat,
Delectable dioramas
Nothing better than that!



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