Boom Boom


We bought a new TV
To place in the new room,
It’s a smart one with Wifi
Flashy colors and boom boom,
Ready for all kinds of action
From Netflix, Hulu and more,
I’ll probably never leave the couch
Getting so fat that I won’t fit through the door.

I have worked so hard
To get to this wonderful place,
God bless my soul
I have earned the right to stuff my face,
I’ll invite all my best friends
“Come to our house and see what we got”
The guard will pat them down at the door
To rule out the chance that I’ll be shot.

Yes, this is a rough neighborhood
A person just can’t be too paranoid,
It’s good for the weapon businesses
We’re keeping that sector employed,
Along with the new TV
I picked up an AK with a banana clip,
Flashy action and lots of boom boom
Fast forward, play and skip.



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