Riding bike around town
Scents, come to my awareness,
Some are enjoyable
But in the spirit of fairness,
I don’t enjoy diesel
Exhaust in the air,
Nor the stench of perfumes
From detergents, soaps and hair.

There are aisles at the store
That I try to avoid,
So many perfumed cleaners
I really get annoyed,
And when I’m at my job
If your clothing should off – gas,
I will probably send you home
Don’t come back without a pass.

Scents and odors
From plants, I don’t mind,
Lavender and peppermint
And the herbs that you find,
But introduce those fake odors
Mixed in chemical vats,
I’d rather be assaulted by
The pee of angry cats.

Chemicals are chemicals
That argument, I’ve heard,
Synthetic or natural
It’s all the same bird,
But let’s see if you’re willing
And ready to taste,
The strawberry flavored
Post – consumer waste.

Who knows what is?
So many people don’t care,
What goes into their body
On their skin, hands and hair,
So long as they smell pretty
When they’re leaving the house,
Wafting chemical exhaust
Enough to knock out a mouse.



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