You see ghosts?
Well, so have I,
They come unexpected
Not when you try,
Like those paranormal
TV shows,
Where everything glows.

Talk to ghosts?
That’s not how it is,
When you’re near the cemetery
Taking a whizz,
The Ghost appears
To frighten you away,
Who stops to chat?
Or to pass the time of day.

Ghosts do the talking
While we shudder and shiver,
They rattle their bones
Like arrows in a quiver,
Wailing like banshees
Purely for effect,
They really need to scare us
To garner respect.

Ghosts seem to linger
Around a location,
Stuck in Chernobyl
On some perpetual vacation,
And the passage of time
Doesn’t seem to exist,
It’s no wonder they’re grumpy
And perpetually pissed..

Ghosts, are just lonely
Trapped spirits, of the realm,
Confined to their galleons
With no Captain at the helm,
They don’t like to be bothered
We’re just a nuisance, I think,
And if you leave them alone
They’ll be gone in a blink.



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