Who needs a Doctor?
Until the moment you do,
Most of us try to avoid it
Until they say, “Why did you,
Wait so long, as to consider
Your burial plot, and all?”
Who needs a Doctor?
You do, right before the fall.

Then, you are busted
You need some curing right now,
Who could predict?
You would collide with a cow,
The odds against that, are enormous
In everyday life,
And the one who shouldn’t know
That would be your wife.

She always is telling you
Do be careful, my Love,
Don’t walk close to buildings
Because things falling above,
Could land on you forthwith
Without your awareness and, Boo!
That thing from up there
Could land right on you.

Who needs a Doctor?
Quite a lot of us, I’m sure,
Sometimes family remedies
Just won’t bring a cure,
And the collective medical memory
Of Doctors, Tom, Joe and Rita,
Covers 14 collective realms
And a Witch named Anita.

There are times when the Doctor
Might contribute good thoughts,
What are those things that you’ve tried?
The goods and the naughts,
The symptoms, the aches
And those things that didn’t work,
Better than your neighbor
Or that Pharmacy clerk.

That’s the crux of this problem
When do you call the Dude in?
Before the problem manifests
Or after the sin?
When one is scrambling for answers
Before the truth should get out,
You crashed into that cow
In the field, what?: Get Out!



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