Fake Quality


What do you do
When new isn’t new,
Instead, it’s used
Just say, boo hoo?

What’s to be done
When the new thing is busted,
You ask, who bought it
Because now, they’re not trusted.

Who do you talk to
When things are all wrong,
Not the person who sings
The buy it new, song.

Wouldn’t it be better
If research were done,
I think it would benefit
Nearly everyone,
To check out that thing
Before it was bought,
Discovery might reveal
What was new, was naught.

Enthusiasm with errors
During probation,
Persistent lack of learnng
And numerous citations,
Portends future disaster
And then it might be too late,
Now’s the time to say goodbye
You failed this practice date.

What do you do
When the label reads lies?,
So agreeable on the surface
Until somebody dies,
One suffers chagrin
Do you bury your mistake?
Listen to this advice:
Don’t invest in a fake.



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