Big Money

Big lottery prizes
Should be enjoyed,
Although it’s surprising
How many lives are destroyed,
By financial decisions
When big money has landed,
Some folks can manage it
While others spend it overhanded.

We all love to read about it
Fortunes found and what they cost,
Billy-Bob the crackhead won 26 million
And six years later, all was lost,
Destitute again, and
Arrested fourteen times,
He died on skidrow
Doing beer bottle rhymes.

The success stories are quiet
Moral tales of good choices,
Although probably a couple
Lamorgini’s and Rolls-Royces,
Sharing their wealth
And growing it too,
Less about them
And more about you.

Big lottery monies
Who doesn’t dream?
If you say you don’t want it
Hand it over, I scream!
Although, I don’t believe you
Not for one minute, bro,
Why even Saint Peter
Desires that dough.

If you really don’t want it
Just give me a call,
We can split it 50-50
I don’t need to have it all.



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