Writing Occupation

Writing Occupation

Writing breaks out of me
Expressing my life,
I place words into rhymes
It’s a weird sort of knife,
A form of communicating
Words assembled some way,
Expressing an experience
Of my perceptions today.

First rhymes written
By age thirteen,
Social commentary
Political protests I had seen;
Moving on to self-expression
During those teenage years,
Where I could act the poet
And gently cover my fears.

I really hit my stride
When I discovered my occupation,
Healthcare endeavors
Defined my concentration,
Then I could write from experience
Regarding the human condition,
The Underside of Nursing
Is a chronicle without permission.

I write about everything
My daily excursions,
Work experiences
And mundane diversions,
Because I don’t talk
To anyone;……… I write,
When I wake up in the morning
And at the end of my night.



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