Happy New year

Start the New Year
With the old favorite stuff,
It has worked for five decades
Because it’s more than enough,
To fill up a lifetime
With flash, bang and boom,
Imagination, my friend
Is the worlds biggest room.

Echo’s of gunshots
Bullets flying in the air,
I stay in my house
So they won’t land in my hair,
Causing the worst of concussions
Who needs that on the First?
The way to start the New Year?
That is surely the worst.

Off to a bang
That’s what I’m hearing right now,
Sacramento is trying
To sell a new Arena Cow,
Where flash, bang and booming
Will be a nightly sensation,
Just pony up the tax dollars
And join the Basketball Nation.

We are all hopefull
Yes, that’s what it is,
Wanting all that is best
Amidst the ice and the fizz,
For the next best New Year
To lead us forward to the heavens,
I hope we didn’t finish it
Back in two thousand eleven.




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