Unfamiliar Habitats

I know why
I haven’t traveled,
When I’m away from home
I feel unravelled,
In unfamiliar
I long for my favorite
This and thats.

I don’t want to stay
Nor pay for sleeping,
On that hotel mattress
Where bugs are creeping,
I’m not interested
In restaurant venues,
I’m a simple eater
I don’t need a menu.

Pastries, fruit
Some nuts and salad,
May seem boring
But that’s my ballad,
Anything more
With expensive taste?
I’d rather pack a lunch
Simple, less waste.

When I visit you
I like to stay at your house,
Though I don’t like dogs
And prefer the mouse,
I’ll love your cats
But not your TV,
If it’s on all the time
It really bothers me.

Your offspring, might be
Kind of OK,
If they steal my stuff
Surely, they’ll pay,
In for a penny
And in for a pound,
They’ll learn quickly
When I’m around.

The same goes for
Your spouse or pet,
Bite or harm me?
Earn a medical debt,
For slings and salves
And crutches too,
Don’t mess with me
I won’t bother you.

Other than that
I’m a model guest,
Happy to talk about
Books we like best,
Visit the river
And ride the bike,
Outdoor things
That’s what I like.

Watch a movie
Excitement and suspense,
You live on a farm?
Let’s fix your fence,
Go to the beach
Or play in the snow,
Hang out at the mall?
I’d rather not go.

Visit your favorite
Ice cream joint,
Take me out to
Hangman’s Point,
Sail the boat
Build a fire,
Bring a bottle of wine
For what should inspire.

Not much of a traveler
Just a couple of times,
I like a view of comfort
As long as it rhymes.



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