Get in a writing groove?
Don’t quit,
When the words are flowing
That’s all of it,
If it was triggered
By some revelation,
Get up from your chair
With a standing ovation.

It’s all about you
And your rumination,
It doesn’t even matter
If the alcohol nation,
Was whispering words
Through your tinfoil hat,
You have to roll with the flow
Creativity, is where it’s at.

Writing triggers
They come and go,
Post traumatic distress
Is better than blow,
Registering demons
With very little provocation,
Good authors flow with it
When they’re touched by tempation.

Sooner or later it all folds
When nonsense takes over,
Each writer knows
About their own Cliffs of Dover,
Where battles were raged
And Conquerors sometimes failed,
If the writer can recognize this
By God, he’s got it nailed.


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