There are things of fantasy
In the duration of career,
New people arrive
One might flirt, adore and leer,
After all, I’m in a business
As a 10 percent minority,
Just the same as a guy
Pledging a sorority.

It’s true, I’m telling you
Like Dachshunds in heat,
We’re a firm minority
And as paramour’s we’re beat,
Because we are expected
To work right along side,
Gorgeous, beautiful chicks
Who will be someone else’s bride.

It’s still going on
Oh yes, I can assure,
Promotion of the young
If they’re sexy. and endure,
Sure, they have to be bright
As in, the preservation of the species,
And like all of the rest of us
They just have to dig, feces.

Because that is the origin
Of the Underside of nursing,
All that crap we put up with
In spite of our cursing,
Like it was previously laid out
Way back when, by this writer,
In nineteen-ninety two
Things were looking so much brighter.

That was 22 years ago
And this writer got older,
Still expounding the same message
Albeit, a little bolder,
Because I’ll be retiring
A couple of years down the line,
Younger guys, just like me
Know how to choose and assign.

Sure, this might sound sexist
But we are the minority,
It’s up to you to decide
Exactly, who is in the Sorority.




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