What with all of the
Death and dying,
Moaning, wailing
People crying,
Bodies never found
Or less,
A bomb goes off
A bloody mess.

Is it better?
To find the remains,
The skull and brains,
Blasted on the
Walls and ceiling,
I’d rather not
There’s too much feeling.

A plane goes missing
No bodies found,
A murdered spouse
Buried in the ground,
Oh, where did they go?
Insects and vermin
They might know.

The end result
Oh, it’s the same,
Our time on earth
Is like a picture frame,
A snapshot of life
Poof!… then we’re gone,
Pushing up daisies
At Forest Lawn.

Although we seem pretty smart
We don’t appear to learn,
That our existence is but
A simple turn,
On the chessboard of life
There’s a beginning and end,
Really, no surprises
So why pretend,
And similarly
The crying and wailing,
Attachment and memories
That’s our failing.




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