Ode to Emily


I bought Emily in August of 2009
And let her rest until the New year,
Partly out of kindness
And a smidgen of fear,
You see, her last owners’
Had given me a warning,
“Emily needs a timing belt
No later than tomorrow morning”,
Well naturally, I was concerned
Because Emily was so charming and sweet,
And to allow her a busted timing belt
I’d certainly feel like a cheat.

After many months of waiting
For the DMV, insurance and the like,
I ventured out for car repair
Paul’s Auto, is just down the pike,
And being a little low on cash
After the Christmas holiday season,
I knew I was facing a repair bill
But just hoped it would be within reason.

Three hours after dropping dear Emily off
I was phoned by Mike the Mechanic,
I have to admit I was worried
An empty wallet induced kind of panic,
His calling so soon, did surprise me
Although I just can’t describe what I felt,
He quickly encouraged me to rejoice
Because Emily has a chain, not a belt.

I’m laughing a bit now, as I recall
Her previous owners had brought down the price,
Thinking Emily needed some repairs
300 dollars down, just to be a bit nice,
I waited four months in the interim
With Emily parked quietly at home,
Now she runs like a top, with a skip and a hop
With a turn of the key, free to roam.



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