Too Early


Got to the airport too early
And we’re getting squirrelly
Trying to sleep in the car doesn’t work,
Momma and Bootsy
Don’t think that I’m cutesy
Not saying, they think I’m a jerk.

Horns honking too much
The window is open just a touch
The three of us breathing, might be toxic,
Only one window lowers
And Momma, she glowers
If she throttles me, I’ll still be anoxic.

Korean Air, says, “Delay”
And you don’t have to pay
It’s a heck of a deal, don’t you think?
No, we don’t really agree
Who cares if it was free?
And hour and a half later, that stinks.

After we grumbled and waited
The plane departed, as stated
And it didn’t help, that dinner was back at the house,
I left it on the front porch
(My wife looked like a flame-throwing torch)
As she waved goodbye to her husband, that louse.

I better get my act together
I’ll meet her with flowers and heather
In August, her triumphant return,
Otherwise, she might say
So long and have a good day,
I’ll find me a man, who can still learn.





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