Worst Boss

The worst boss ever
What a distinction,
All I ever think about
Is his pending extinction,
Maybe a wormhole
Could open in his garage,
He’ll be a sentimental memory
Just like a mirage.

Maybe a Missouri tornado
Could pick up her car,
Carry it to the clouds
And continue to a star,
There are enough of them out there
And she can run it how she desires,
But, lets remove her car battery
And steal those four tires.

Is it possible, a sinkhole
Could open beneath his bedroom,
Make it big enough
So there is plenty of headroom,
No point having a cranial injury
When you’re sucked into the earth,
Although, maybe something like that happened
During the critical hours of his birth.

That just might explain
Her fixation on dollars and hours,
Insignificant, are the staffing needs
She listens to higher powers,
Above and beyond
The needs of employees and staff,
Performance bonuses rock!
Although they are a form of graft.

The worst boss ever
No capital letters for that,
I’m thinking some kind of waste disposal unit
Filled with animal rendering fat,
Dropped in there, they’ll be trapped
No need for messy elimination,
Hard to call that an evil intention
Let’s just call it managerial allocation.


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