Single and Christian

Single and Christian
Have more fun,
That is what the ads suggest
When all is said and done,
For sure, we Mr. Christians
Are on the up and up,
Just give me your number
And I’ll gladly fill your cup.

Come on, the dating market
Is no different, with your GOD,
If you’re a hot little number
This guy wants your bod,
Don’t think he’s any different
Than the guy down at Joe’s trough,
Every warm blooded fellow
Wants to get you off.

That’s what we want
We’re men of our species, after all,
We see a pretty girl
We’re turned on, it’s Nature’s call,
But one of us might turn out
To be the one you want, it could be,
And when I kiss you on the cheek
I’m hoping that it’s me.

Oh, how the ads turned me on
That Christian and single,
I think I’ll pursue that idea
Get on over there and mingle,
How long can I hide
My lack of proper Christianity?,
Probably, just about forever
If I can cater to your vanity.

Christian and sexy
I want to find out,
My emotions are pent up
Ready to dance and shout,
Because, I have heard
That Christian girls have been waiting,
For Mr. He’s the One
And you’re ready for mating.

Single and Christian
Baby, I’ll never frown,
I’m wearing that crucifix
And I’ve got my res-erection down,
For the moment
Until, we hug and touch,
When I show you
Why I like you so much.

Wait till we’re married for sex?
Now that’s a stretch,
We’ll have to get creative
Let’s ask Solomon, that old lech,
He had some moves
That’s for sure,
Placating one hundred wives
That’s what I call a cure.

Biblical directions
I can groove on that, baby,
I’m willing to offer some wiggle room
When my Christian girl, says maybe,
And perhaps I haven’t overstretched
My interpretation of what is written,
Maybe we can hootchie-coo a little
I’m telling you, I am totally smitten.


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