Night Owl

That’s the problem with me
I stay up too late,
I’m eating at eleven
And I think that’s it’s eight,
As soon as my mate leaves
I stay up three hours later,
I didn’t tell her that
When I tried to date her.

But, way back then
It was a whirlwind romance,
I then proposed to her
After just a 3 day dance,
I was in a hurry
Being, in-country for just 30 days,
Things had to be taken care of
Without even a casual malaise.

So this woman, couldn’t know
That our schedules were opposed,
And she would want to go to sleep
When I was much later disposed,
After all, she would typically rise
About four or five in the morning,
And if you wake me up then
I better have a good damn warning………

Because, that is NOT my time
To open my eyes, to greet the day,
When night-time approaches
That is when I like to play,
With the silence and its darkness
Heck, that’s when I feel the best,
Which makes for an interesting marriage
To that, I will attest.

But now she’s out of the country
Gone home, to see her Momma,
And I thoroughly swear
It had nothing to do with Obama,
Despite his questionable promises
His policies, and those other things,
Once she left the airport at L-A-X
The good night, flew back to me, on gilded wings.

So there you have it, dear reader
I just finished a wonderful salad,
I’m writing with help from Albert and Stevie
“Blues at Sunrise”, is their ballad,
And that is my mood
Taking me on into the night,
I’m just a blues writing Nurse
And everything is properly right.



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