At the Park

Curtis Park followed
Resembling each other
Somewhat thinly;

Curtis having
More family’s and little kid’s,
McKinley with a bunch
Of teenagers making bids,
To woo the hot girlfriend
With hugs, groping and a smooch,
And way too many people
With a household pooch.

McKinley had ice cream
Curtis advertised,
No ice cream to be found
I was surprised,
But I was happy to notice
A predominately younger
Female crowd,
The equivalent of ice-cream
Bless those, who are well endowed.

Sure, that’s barely PG-13
But to an old eye
We appreciate what can be seen,
What with glaucoma
Cataracts and the like,
I honor every moment
That I can ride my old bike.

Run into
An old friend or two,
Pass along some BS
Between the both of you,
Everyone speaks
This ordinary lingo, isn’t that so?
At our Community festivals
That’s how we preen and glow.

Hook up with neighbors
Reconnect in a friendly fashion,
Sometimes that leads to
Unbridled passion,
Who can understand
The twists and turns of desire?,
Meeting at a Community festival
Is enough to kindle a fire.

We need to spark up our neighborhoods
To bind them together,
So we all can survive
Earthquakes and bad weather,
Yes, crime is a known factor
It follows poverty and greed,
If we take care of each other
We serve every Community need.

Dennis Johnson and the Mississippi Ramblers
And good old Mr. Cooper for the kids,
We in the audience, staked our claims
And made our tender bids,
For future good excursions
Like these, offered in Curtis Park,
What a grand community to be proud of
Life is Great! Oh, what a lark!



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