Out of the Office Gnome

Teresa and LuAnne
Were out of the office
Just like dear old Nancy,
The three upper echelon ladies
Missing in action
In camouflage, nothing fancy,
And when good old Donald
Ups the ante’ and plays his trump,
A Royal Flush or four spades
Isn’t enough to kick him off the stump.

Designed to sound courteous
“Out of the office”, it riles me,
It sounds artificially touchy-feely
As if they are trying to beguile me,
In a sense, that is the truth
Representing some stupid
Business derived answer script,
Anyone who believes in that nonsense
Deserves to be whipped.

Apparently Nancy, LuAnne and Teresa
Must allow that recording, for an absence response,
Hopefully, they just shrug their shoulders
Saying, “It’s policy”, with some nonchalance,
Knowing, that it is off-putting to the public
Having a computer generated, “We’re not home”,
Though I’m wondering if I were to stop by
Would I find an official, “Sorry we missed you” Gnome?

I’m not picking on them
It’s just more Corporate nonsense baloney,
Coercing employees to follow a script
Forcing them to sound phoney,
Because I know that LuAnne
Teresa, and dear old Nancy,
They love their customers
And do their best to treat them fancy.




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