When Rome was Sacked

That’s what computers are for
I counsel, to those younger,
You’ll be able to find the food
When you are bound by your hunger,
Search terms……..
You must discover the way,
A derivation of language
Can guide you on your way.

But, if you don’t know how to search
Well frankly, you just have to learn,
And sometimes that involves bruises
Pummeling and an occasional burn,
Until you figure it out
And have that “Eureka! minute,
No matter how much work it was
You’ll know when you’re in it.

Where you can say,
“Yes, I finally understand”,
Then the beginnining of all things
May be revealed to you, as if planned,
At least that’s what the Guru
The priest, the Cleric had to say,
Listen to the wisest man
Ponder your options and make your play.

And, that’s what computers are for
Collating data, sorting all the facts,
Ice-picking, classifying and screening
That’s what was done when Rome was sacked.




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