Coffee Maid Right

Down at Mary Lou’s,
There’s a Venezuelan vixen,
I’d have married her at 16
If we were south of Mason Dixon,
She’s as sweet as cotton candy
She’s a Venezuelan fox,
She has all the right ingredients
To be unorthodox.

Down at Mary Lou’s
There’s a Venezuelan momma,
She looks hotter than Hell
And knows nothing of Obama,
She has a way with coffee beans
A special way to grind,
The brew so stimulating
Oh baby; What a find!

Down at Mary Lou’s
There’s a Venezuelan beauty,
She blends outstanding coffee
And she really is a cutie,
Whenever I stop by
I feel her Venezuelan heat,
I get an overwhelming urge
Just to have a bite to eat.

Down at Mary Lou’s
There’s a Venezuelan girl,
She makes the finest Latte’
With a little mocha curl,
Her steam is hyper-pressured
Milk frothing to a frenzy,
I think I’ll wait outside for her
To perform an apprehenzie.

Down at Mary Lou’s
There’s a Venezuelan dame,
She prepares an awesome beverage
While I play a little game,
Called, watch the Coffee Maid
Tamp the grounds and make some steam,
Oh, this Venezuelan Coffee chick
Is an old mans sweetest dream.

There’s a Venezuelan princess
Down at Mary Lou’s,
If I had done the hiring
She’s the one I’d choose,
Her charisma is intoxicating
Her aromas even more so,
And when she wears that skimpy T – shirt
I’m just nuts about her torso.

Down at Mary Lou’s
Things are heating up,
I keep dropping in for coffee
At three bucks a cup,
And while I’m on the subject
Regarding a Venezuelan Barista,
If she isn’t available………
Might she have a sista’?

A vacation too short
But the views were damn good,
Thanks to a Venezuelan beauty
Preparing coffee as one should,
I’ll return again a year from now
And stop at Mary Lou’s,
Will the Coffee chick come back again?
If not I’ll sing the blues.



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