Johnson, Johnson
I was hoping,
The thing you said
About eloping,
That you would
Keep your word to me,
Way back when
In seventy-three.

Now I arrive
But you have bailed,
My sister tells me
“Johnson sailed”,
And from me to you
This cost me some moolah,
So I’m absconding
With your girl Sula.

She’s the sweetest thing
So playful too,
Reminds me of you
Back in seventy-two,
She has the prettiest eyes
And a fine fur coat,
So she’s coming with me
While you’re out on that boat.

So, Johnson dearest
Plans have changed,
Our promised elopement
Has been rearranged,
Because, I think Sula
Is the better catch,
The way she wags her tail
And knows how to fetch.



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