Travel Companion

My latest travel companion
Doesn’t treat me very well,
Lacking intestinal fortitude
Causing trouble, bloody Hell;
An internal battle is waging
By the denizens of my deep,
If amplified, my gurgling gut?
No one would sleep.

Thank goodness for Rest Areas
Michigan has the best in town,
Very roomy and spacious
They beat California, lids down,
Turbocharged hand driers
With automatic water and soap,
Akin to a holy sanctuary
And blessed by the Pope.

California Rest Areas
Leave much to be desired,
No Pope to bless them
He wasn’t inspired,
Nor our politicos
They couldn’t care less,
It’s not a hot-button issue
It won’t be covered by the press.

I left some crap
In Michigan,
So much, I wonder
Will they invite me again?
But I like to think of it
As my contribution,
Though it sorely tested
My constitution.



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