Johnson 3

Johnson, Johnson
I was tested,
Nearly got
Myself arrested,
Last week
When you turned me down,
I had to leave
This awful town.

What you did to me
It made me squeal,
And T. C. lost
Its sex appeal,
As a sleepy little
Tourist village,
I almost had to
Burn and pillage.

But the authorities
Caught wind of my plan,
And set me packing
Like spic and span,
Leaving me to
Plot a plunder,
Your refusal, Johnson
Was a classic blunder.

A guy like me
Doesn’t like to hear,
A refusal to
An invitation, dear,
And after waiting decades
A debt was due,
A denial of service?
What a coup!

Oh, Johnson
I won’t easily forget,
I’ll return again
To collect on your debt,
So, please do practice
How to please and caress,
And most of all
Prepare to say, Yes.

Oh, Johnson, Johnson
What you did to me,
So way far back
In aught-73,
It made my head spin
Like Linda Blair,
And I’ll never forget
Your beautiful hair.


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