Parachute Lover

The next time I come to TC
I think I’ll fly right in,
If you’ll give me your address
That’s where I’ll stick the pin,
So when I leap with my parachute
I can find your house easy,
I’ll make a grand entrance
Nothing cheap or cheesy.

Sure, your neighbors might talk
Gossip a bit and all that,
They might be inclined to say
Johnson is one crazy cat,
Having strangers drop in
Right out of the sky
What will she do tomorrow?
What the neighbors don’t know
Is that Ms. Jan O’Johnson
Knows joy and understands sorrow.

And because of this
She lives each day
As if it were her very last,
Ready to take in
The strangest of folks
Dropping from the sky
And out of her past,
Even nuts who might propose
To rekindle past relations,
Although she might be thinking
Please, none of those crazy gyrations.

When paper airplanes
Show up in your mailbox
It might be time to duck
And cover,
Unless you’re finally ready
To say, Yes, to the dress,
And welcome your parachute lover.


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