Scared Parents

Taking the “scary” out
Of just feeling sick,
Are parents just dumber now?
Getting worried so quick,
In a world of information
They grow up with uncommon sense,
They are imagining dollars
When it’s just a few cents.

My parents didn’t worry
When I had a fever,
Sure, they were concerned
Just like on, “Leave it to Beaver”,
They didn’t race to the E.-R.
Nor, cruise down to Urgent Care,
They had learned from their Mothers
They knew, what was a scare.

Information handed down
Parent to child,
Then the youngsters grew up
Prepared for the wild,
But, now it is different
A lighted screen is the teacher,
While parents are working
Way beyond the second feature.

Now we delegate our concerns
To a Nurse Hotline phone,
They won’t know this one child
From Billy-Bob’s home,
And that Nurse will read a script
To derive information,
Question-answer, no thinking
No room for deviation.

Nurse 24-Hour
Is required, not to know,
The system demands
That they think really slow,
Let the algorhythm decide
What’s the best way to treat,
While Mother waits impatiently
And Bobby wants to eat.

New parents are nervous
In this modern age,
Headlines frighten them
Without reading the page,
Advertised experts
Are waiting for your call,
But all that screening and sorting
Is just a bait-switch and stall.

Let our medical crew
Take away the scary
That’s frightening you,
Turn over your parenting power
To outsiders on a telephone line,
Nurse 24 Hour Hotline doesn’t know you
And she thinks that’s just fine.


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