Little Things Count

Silly me; I can’t help it
There are certain things I miss,
Your overall presence
And daily little kiss,
So important, I’m saying
Not to trivialize, this thing,
If one leaves out the little
You will have a bee sting.

That’s what I’m saying
The little things count,
It is all about quality
And not measurable amount,
In the tally of things
That do impress your spouse,
You better do the right thing
If you want to see behind the blouse.

There are certain things I miss
Favorites and unique,
Some I can describe
And others I can’t speak,
Because, that is the way
Between lovers, I’m telling you,
You can talk about some things
But others, are out of view.

So, between you and me
We know what is best,
Behold and behave
To pass the important spousal test,
Where we care and concern
About the other one first,
That will be the thing
That quenches our thirst.



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