At the Venue

Another successful day
Out at the venue,
Although I have to say
Not much of a menu,
Basic hot dogs and nacho’s
WIth weird liquid cheese,
Nothing remotely healthy
They just eat what they please.

Yes, out in the foothills
The mountains and valleys,
A lot of unknown activities
Like our rundown city alleys,
Where the creepers and cretins
And escapees of society,
Are barely maintaining
Any hint of sobriety.

But their dollars exchange
Anywhere on the planet,
No matter what you’re selling
Even if it’s Janet,
Because she doesn’t care
Business being what it is,
Just please leave a tip
And a little bit of fizz.

It isn’t all that
No matter where we go,
That’s the minor little bit of it
Just part of the show,
Where we mingle with friends
Not seen, for even a year,
Wishing goodness to all
And hope you sell a lot, Old Dear!



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