Elevator Elephant

There’s an elephant in the elevator
And the doors won’t close,
He took a couple steps backwards
And now he’s standing on my toes,
I hope he gets off soon
Before I disembark,
Because standing behind him
Is like waiting in the dark.

There’s a Lemur in the Living room
Lounging on the couch,
A panther is in the pantry
Poised in a crouch,
A Koala in the kitchen
Searching for bamboo,
And all of them just want to have
Coffee with you.

There’s an Elephant in the elevator
And he got there first,
We’ve been trapped for 3 hours
And we’re dying of thirst,
He’s grumpy and bumpy
But we’ve come to a truce,
He’ll leave me alone
If I share some of my juice.

There’s a Possum in the potty
Splashing water on the floor,
Now he’s barking like a Badger
Trying to open up the door,
He smelled the sweet scent of brownies
Baking in the oven,
Koala bear is cooking
All the favorite foods he’s lovin’.

There’s an Elephant in the elevator
We’re hanging out together,
He’s regaling me with a story
About when he was light as feather,
When he took his favorite sweetheart
On the hot-balloon ride,
To propose, he said……..
I wanted to make her my bride.

There’s a Raccoon in the reading room
A Christian Scientist?, I’m not so sure,
Although he claims that fresh Salmon
Is a fantastic baldness cure,
And who am I to argue
Mr. Raccoon has a fine head of hair,
Mr. Elephant wasn’t impressed
He’s just glad to be sitting in a chair.

There was an Elephant in the elevator
Along with me, and I won’t forget,
Mr. Pachyderm was so kind
But I won’t miss his Elephant sweat.




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