Feodor’s Farm

Down at Feodor’s farm
Things are sort of whacky,
He won’t throw anything away
So it looks really tacky,
But his animals are happy
Things are going great this year,
As a group, they have a motto
“Oh, be of good cheer!”

There’s a Porcupine
In the potato patch,
And seventeen Skunks
About to hatch,
There are slithering snakes
In the compost pile,
While stinky snail
Has a great big smile;

Tweetsy birds
And Freddy Finch,
Are on the telephone wire
Inch by inch,
Shoulder to shoulder
Way out of reach,
As Ricky O’Rattio
Sucks on a peach.

Silly Sam Squirrel
Frolics in the trees,
Making all sorts of trouble
He just does how he please,
Never paying any mind
To the fruit rules, and such,
Stealing all the Pluots
Which he loves very much.

City farmer Feodor
Raises bees in a box,
He keeps time by sundials
Never using clocks,
He has honey to be eaten
If you are punctual and neat,
Buster Bear adores it
So sticky and sweet.

There’s a Platypus on the patio
Chasing Ricky O’Rattio,
After he stole the eggs from Mistress Hen
Which he trys to do; oh, now and then,
He likes scrambled eggs, and
Marmalade toast,
“I can eat ten of them”
He loves to boast,
Along with four cups of Kona coffee,
Topping it off
With salt water toffee.

A Calico cat missing an ear,
Is supposed to protect the garden
That’s what I hear,
She is curled up
Beneath the Bunyan tree,
Wishing she had catnip
And scratching a flea.

Yes, it’s a jolly good time
Down at Feodor’s farm,
His place is really whacky
But it holds a special charm.



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