Some people will say
Why they don’t like to camp
While the the rest of us know
Why we do,
After hiking all day
With our favorite babe,
We are thinking, tonight
What to do,
Because there’s something that happens
With hiking and sweating
Fresh air and beautiful views,
After dinner at night
And a hot blazing campfire,
There will be love before
Cuddle and snooze.

That’s how it is
I am one of those types
Influenced by the forest fresh air,
And sharing such moments
With a pretty companion
I want to gather them into my lair,
Later on, we sit back and relax
A glass of wine, sipped by the fire,
We know when it’s time, to head to the tent
For fireworks, before we retire.

Let those fussy curmudgeons
Stay home in their houses
Bemoaning those fools and their trees,
We know what they dream
While we realize what we have
The best of the birds and the bees.



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