Dept. of Futilities

I saw a sign
In an alley, in Sacto,
Dept. of Utilities
Abbreviated, exacto,
I wondered for a moment
About this broken pavement fix,
Was this the Dept. of Futilities
Up to their usual tricks?

Only time will tell
And I’ll be checking often,
If someone steps in that trap
They might need a coffin,
Because I’m here to tell you
It kind of happened to me,
An unidentified utility hole
Almost set me free.

There was no handy warning
“Be Cautious Where You Stride”,
A sidewalk in the dark
With a gaping hole to hide,
In the darkness of shadow
Down I fell without a hunch,
Only 18 simple inches
Enough to foot and ankle crunch.

So, do pay attention
On the walkways of life,
And have a big insurance policy
For your survivors and wife.



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