Junk Mail

The Political Process
It doesn’t get any better,
And with the advent of technology
It’s like a lousy chain letter,
Where fabulous claims
Regarding boat babes and wealth,
Lead to complete dissatisfaction
And dwindling health.

My mailbox is busted
From tons of advertising,
You tried to convince me
That you were mesmerizing,
The best hot politician
That ever was self-made,
42 Hundred trees died
In the advertising parade.

I was thinking of protesting
Hold my votes back this year,
Out of simple disgust
A proverbial jeer,
But I just couldn’t do it
I’m a voter, I must,
But that doesn’t mean
That you earned my trust.

Whoever sent me a mailer
For you, I won’t vote,
I don’t want a Strong Mayor
He bought an arena, you might note,
Which will fubar all traffic
On our local I-5,
Further ruining our city
And worsening any drive.

The political process
Is dead in the water,
And now I’m in a quandary
What should I teach my daughter.



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