Spud Gun

Ye old Spudgun
I think we had the only one,
Metal cast it was
And a heck of a lot of fun,
Far better, than
Plastic imitators,
You must possess the best
When it comes to shooting Tators.

A good Idaho potato
Grasped in your non-dominant hand,
Punch the potato gun nozzle
With 10 Lbs of force, just as you planned,
Now you are armed
With an Idaho projectile,
Aim, focus and squeeze
Your adversary, dead but still tactile.

A harmless game
Fought in the Living Room
And on the front lawn,
After 14 rounds on the leaf path
We laugh a lot and yawn…….
Let’s check the kitchen
For chocolate chip cookies and milk,
Then sneak over to Ronnie’s house
And smoke a little corn-silk.



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