I bought a new stereo tuner
User-friendly, not overly complicated,
I don’t really need super-woofer
14 speaker, theater quality; over stated,
Programmed it last night
To the FM stations that sounded good,
I stumbled upon two Christian programs
Guys singing about crosses of wood.

I was impressed with the music compositions
Not so much with the words,
When every song seemed to be about
Jesus, and guys with wings like birds,
How many angels can stand on a pin
How many camels can pass through a needle,
How many grains of sand on all the beaches
And yes, God loves you, even if you’re a beetle.

Actually, not so much attention to insects
They get a bad rap, what with pestilence and all,
Burning bushes get far more attention
Along with saving souls at your local mall,
And what about those, Mormon boys on bikes
White shirts and ties, like smart advertising,
It’s all there for the listening audience
Christians love it; that’s not surprising.

My favorite station?
Is called K Y D S,
High School students
Do much to impress,
With the most eclectic song mix
Rarely anything played twice,
Oddly funny PSA’s
It’s all sugar and spice.



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