That was a long night
With many short dreams,
Old houses and jobs
Haunting moans and screams,
Goblins and ghouls
Old friends, including you,
And your sleepwalking daughter
Completed the view.

Employment in a hospital
Or maybe a school,
Wherever it was
It was way beyond cool,
Where I could roam around
Performing odd jobs, and such,
Explore all the nooks and crannies
While remaining out of touch.

After work, I was home
In the big spooky house,
Every creature was present
Even an old spouse,
Haunting my dreams
In her usual fashion,
While I was with you
Revisiting old passion.

Your sleepwalking daughter
With a 5-year old voice,
Wanted to climb into bed
I thought, “not a good choice”,
As that ghostly ex-wife
With her skeletal pal,
Exploded into ashes
She was that kind of gal.

The special little moment
Was spoiled, that’s a fact,
Dreams are often like that
With no need to redact,
Being pure imagination
During cinematic sleep,
Although I could do without
The ghoul and that creep.


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