Pay to View

An eight year old keyboard
And ten year old mouse,
Are out on the the trash pile
Out of the house,
Waiting till next month
To be taken away,
All the electronic stuff
On recycling day.

I have a table-full of stuff
Three printers, a computer, keyboards and mice,
An old stereo, a vacuum cleaner
Nothing works, that’s the price,
That all of us pay
When our tech-tools wear out,
If we could turn this into water
There’d never be a drought.

Instead it is loaded
With heavy metal and magnets,
Your not-secure information
To be captured in our dragnets,
Exposing your secrets
Yes, big-brother has his eye on you,
Make sure you wipe the memories
And all the pay-per-view.

Goodbye Dell keyboard
So long, Targus mouse,
We had some good times
In the backroom of my house,
Hello, little Logitech
With your wireless ways,
I predict wonderful times
Till the end of your days.



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