99 Bottles

More about cans and bottles
Lots of litter too,
We humans, are basically slobs
But animals do it too,
Hence the horse poop
In the middle of the trail,
Although it’s better than dog crap
Or stepping on a nail.

Yesterday, 99 bottles
Found on the ground, not the wall,
‘Tis lovely to find them unbroken
And better, when they answer my call,
Budweiser, Corona and Coors
Sierra Nevada and more,
Dos Equis, Beck and Stella Artois
Some Tequila to round out the score.

Can-favorites, differ a little
The Coke, the Pepsi and Bud,
Coors and Corona are popular
Keystone, that perennial dud,
Olympia, Schlitz and Rolling Rock
Samuel Adams and Strohs,
It seems, when the can has been emptied
The owner cares not where it goes.


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