Terrorist Toddlers

Another tragic comic story
Regarding the idiot and his gun,
Baby Huey wants the iPod
But the pistol was more fun,
Shooting Daddy in the ass
And pregnant Mommy in the arm,
Remember, guns don’t kill
And toddlers have such charm.

Fox News reports the following:
“The boy and his 2-year old sister weren’t interviewed”
Why do they post such nonsense?
Toddlers live in the moment, dude,
But Mommy and Daddy just won’t learn
They will keep the guns around,
Not realizing, this is the best of times
To put their guns, in the ground.

“Self-protection” shot Daddy’s butt
“For safety”, threatened three babies,
America’s Best Value Inn, should lock their doors
Folks like this are more dangerous than rabies,
And it’s funny that people are frightened
Regarding ISIS and Cartels lopping heads,
In America, we have our own terrorists
Armed children, shooting Mom’s and Dad’s dead.


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