I’m Sorry

For this and that,
Will say, “I’m sorry”
Every time they’re at bat,
Afraid to miss
Some small detail,
Whatever it is
They expect to fail.

People who utter
“I’m sorry”, all the time,
Have forced me to write
This sorry little rhyme,
Because, apologizers
Drive me up the wall,
After saying, “I’m sorry”
I expect them to bawl.

Apologizers appear
To be stupid and weak,
Maybe, it’s a facade
More like a sneak,
In case, they do fail
To measure up to their peers,
“I’m sorry”, they squeak
Turning red, to their ears.

Stop this right now!
Otherwise, take a knee
Or execute a bow,
To the people around you
For your embarrassing disguise,
Always saying, “I’m sorry?”
It’s time to APOLOGIZE.


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