Sherry & Port

Taste or smell alone
Can prompt a recall of events long passed,
I’m tasting a Port wine tonight
And a memory of you came up fast,
Was it the excitement of the moment
Or the smooth taste of the wine?
Or was it the memory of much more
Sending tingles down my spine.

Just a little of both, working together
A technicolor recollection, I can say,
This combination of good times before
Were enough to cause the memory to stay,
Lodged in my brain fibers
Inspired by a simple twist of the cap,
Memories of a sweet kiss of Port
And you sitting in my lap.

Yes, memories can tell stories
That might never have been,
In the hands of a writer of fiction
At the behest of my imaginary twin.

You try it sometime
Creme Sherry, or sweet Port,
A best friend at your side
Who will keep secrets, and never report,
What transpired that day
Those few months, in that year,
And when you’re two decades older
You will hold those memories dear.



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