Somewhat indisposed
For the past week,
I’ve become a
Reading freak,
Average content
One book a day,
That’s what keeps
The boredom away.

My book selection
Drama and suspense,
Murder and mystery
And self defense,
Intelligent heroes
Against devious evil,
Righting the wrongs
Of demonic upheaval.

There is a writing theme
That I despise,
Mucking up a good story
With mundane cries,
Regarding character drama
Of relationship crap,
That’s a book I’ll stop reading
And toss with a snap.

I want escape
Mayhem and slaying,
Fantastical plots
Not somber crocheting,
No emotional breakups
Or divorce distraction,
Authors that do that
Deserve disimpaction.

Write it in one book?
Go ahead, I’ll try it,
Repeat the same theme
I’m ready to riot,
I will move on
If they do it again,
A waste of good reading
And the ink in their pen.

That’s about it
The course of my days,
And one thing is certain
I’ll never read plays.


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