Nepotic Leadership

The Family Kara-Hiri

There be Sister Euphemia
And Auntie Euthenasia,
The younger Eugenics
And Father Dysplasia,
A motley crew
With skills beyond measure,
They can lead you from oblivion
And guide you to the treasure.

An odd, assorted team
If there ever was,
How they manage to work together
Somehow, just because,
No one ever seems to know
What this bunch will do next,
They never use Facebook
And hardly ever text.

Throwbacks to an earlier age
Before our nascent technology,
Darwinian survivalists
Of primordial biology,
How they survived to this day
Is anyone’s guess,
As leaders of mayhem
They barely even stress.

They run the ship
We hold the oars,
We’re whipped if we argue
They keep all the scores,
Every day they’re competing
Bonus dollars, on the line,
Peons can’t touch that
We are wrapped up in twine.

Nepotism at its best
Survives because they score the test,
Stack the cards, prime the deck
They jump ship first
Should we ever wreck.

The blame always falls
On the workers at the bottom,
Each of one of us musing;
When had the chance
We should have shot’em,
So you better have a backup plan
Just what I’m saying, Dearie,
Considering the business plan
Of the family Kara-Hiri.



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