Young Love

Double Clutch

A seven year commitment
Torn asunder by a kiss,
Perhaps the young lady
Wondered what she might miss,
If she never sampled
Other flavors in the store,
She admitted, “no regrets”
They sent her packing out the door.

We loved her, said his Mama
The engagement was cooking,
She was, the sweetest girl
Drop dead gorgeous looking,
An engagement ring was chosen
Wedding bells were poised to chime,
And then she sampled a different kiss
It was such a horrid crime.

High school sweethearts
In the best of circumstances,
Exclusive since age fifteen
Never taking any chances,
Choosing the young filly in the paddock
Declaring, she’s my brand,
Without exploring beyond the ranch
Is hard to understand.

A religious environment
Is a tough scene to uphold,
Youngsters of these families
Will do as they are told,
Conforming to rigid constructs
Devised by parents and the church,
Then off to college they go
Unprepared without research.

In general, relationships
Have no forward motion,
We are frozen with an image
Which we recall with some devotion,
Who we were when we first met
To the end of all days,
Is it so hard to imagine
We might change in our ways?

Starry eyed parents
Want the best for the kid,
Seven-year girlfriend had one kiss
They slander, “Look what you did”
You ruined it all
And we loved you so much,
Religious forgiveness?
Not a chance, double clutch.

That’s a tough act to follow
Perhaps her choice, is the best,
If her seven year boyfriend
Couldn’t handle the test,
And give her some leeway
To explore and then ponder,
That the two of them might have
Another future down yonder.

But if this is the end
Of this childhood romance,
Hopefully the experience of Love
Was worth the entire dance.


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