Head Gasket Blues

I woke up this mornin
And started my Echo,
It blew white smoke
And farted like a gecko,
Coughing and sputtering
Barely running at all,
Drove down to the shop
To a Mechanic named Paul,
He shrugged in his way
And passed me some hooch,
Laughing and snickering
Buddy, you screwed the pooch.

Ya, Paul he’s a funny one
He knows all the jokes,
About busted disc calipers
And wheels without spokes,
Carbon toasted valves
And pistons without rings,
Oil pan leaks
And low octane pings,
Rebuilding an engine
But forgetting a gasket,
One week later it siezes
And now you need a casket.

Ya, these are the blues
Of the modern retro man,
Keeping his jalopy running
As long as he can,
Held together with fence wire
With the radio knobs missing,
Pop open the hood
When something is hissing,
White smoke from the tailpipe
And a few other cues,
Damn, the coolant is missing………
I’ve got the head-gasket blues


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