Coffee Squeeze

Down at Mary Lou’s
The coffee is brewing
As I enter
The old-timey store,
Delicate pastries
Are ready for chewing
After tasting
I’ll surely want more.

The girl at the counter
Lights up with a smile
She asks, “May I help you
Kind sir?”
With that sweet invitation
I’ll stay for a while,
With cream in my coffee
And purr.

I’d like a large Latte’
A pecan sticky bun
And a chocolate croissant
Toasted, please,
That coffee Barista
She really looks fun,
How I’d love to just
Give her a squeeze.

Right at that moment
Comes a matronly hen
She keeps a sharp eye
On the till,
I’m feeling chased
Right out of the pen,
Her watchful glance
Gives me a chill.

The coffee’s too hot
The pastries aren’t free
Nor, is a look
At this Lass,
Thanks to that hen
She’s cackling at me,
Today, I’ll be taking
A pass.


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