Here’s a Hot Tip

I became a tipper
Later in life,
To treat people better
Like one ought to treat the wife,
It’s just a simple thing
To give the extra buck,
Sure, coffee is expensive
But I buy it for good luck.

It’s a feel good drink
And it might cleanse my colon,
It’s a sensible plan
To keep me steady rollin’,
A kind of self reward
For an accomplishment or pleasure,
And good coffee shop ambience
Is something I treasure.

Folsom Boulevard Coffee Works
Is one of those places,
I like to go there each month
Amidst anonymous faces,
I don’t have to know them
They don’t need to know my name,
I’m not really a seeker
In the intimacy game.

So, like a lot of people
A fake name I will offer,
But now when I leave
I place a tip in the coffer,
No matter, how long I waited
I clearly understand
I’m a nurse, and a servant
I comprehend the demand.

Some people get angry
Belligerent and uncouth,
A disservice to humanity
To unload it on our youth,
They might become jaded
And yet, serve us in the future,
That Barista with the tattoo
May become a Doctor………
Sewing your suture.


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