Went to an event
With no music, no customers
Only one clown,
Amazed that I had never visited
Cozy Loomis town,
The promoter promoted
A great looking poster,
But, he didn’t draw any customers
A wasted day in the toaster.

Luckily, it wasn’t blistering hot
My attitude didn’t quite boil,
We vendors were completely ripped off
Imagining that clown, roasting in oil,
He collected our fees at 50 bucks a tent
Good people wasting a day,
One customer an hour, just doesn’t cut it
When most of them browse and don’t pay.

Two days, two shows
Both cost fifty dollars,
Let’s analyze now
And pretend we are scholars,
Each ran five hours
And the results were amazing,
The second made a profit
The first one felt like hazing.

A fifty dollar entry fee
Earning fifty in sales,
Was like throwing harpoons
At nonexistent whales,
Repeat one day later
Sales over a grand,
We like those percentages
And the money in hand.

That clown from the first day
Has a lot to learn,
Next year he’ll find new vendors
And they will take a turn,
Because none of us current
Vendors will repeat,
To send money to that bozo
We’d rather see him in concrete.


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