3 Line Advice

perform the impossible
improve your experience,
develop a practicum,
lists of seven traits
go racing out the gates
pursue a didacticum;

own a fountain pen
like the best of men
display a golden nib,
carry a casket
with fountain pen gasket,
or wear a bib.

be kind and benevolent
like a moderate elephant
it’s always in style,
say please and thank you
or Bob will shank you,
he is easy to rile.

look rich
act poor
it might be a chick lure,
probably not
it might get you shot,
dead without a cure.

avoid debt
a vicious net
trapped; distraught,
play a bugle
while being frugal,
as mother taught.

3 line advice
there is no price
offered free,
make your own
ditch the phone,
climb a tree.


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